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Here you are, shipwrecked and washed ashore on a cold, grey foreign beach on the northern side of the Pontus Euxinus. If you’d landed just a little further south, or a little further north, you’d be safe in Roman territory in Moesia Inferior. But no. 

Beyond this windswept beach, the plains stretch inland. Sarmatae, Bastarnae, who knows what’s out there? Whatever lies that way, it’s the only way home.  

This adventure is designed for use with Stay Frosty and its Roman-legionaries supplement VIGILATE

The PCs are members of the Legio XI Claudia, or people connected with same, stationed at Durostorum in Moesia. When their ship sinks at sea, they find themselves on the shore of a barbarian land.  

The Revenger awaits them, roaming the hinterland. An invisible spirit summoned by a dying sorcerer to avenge his tribe.  It is out of control, killing even the tribespeople when it happens upon them.

Thanks for playtesting and feedback to: Alex, Bloop, Brian, Carolina, Dominic, Paul, Tore


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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